Thelma's Miracle

Well, most of you know by now that my daughter is a miracle of prayer. It keeps getting mentioned and I thought I would share the entire story.

My husband Rob and I had been trying to get pregnant for three years with no luck. I had physical problems with my reproductive organs and was told it would be very hard for me to get pregnant. I didn't ovulate like normal women. In fact I could go months without ovulating. Let's just say that cost a lot in pregnancy tests because I always thought I was pregnant. We went from being upset, to saying "oh well, we'll just get some dogs" and back to being upset. It was a rough three years. I remember that my sister-in-law wanted to wait until I got pregnant before she did because she thought I got married first, so I should have a baby first. I think she was afraid I would be upset if she got pregnant really easy after I had been trying for so long. I assured her that she might have to wait a long time that way and she should go ahead. Well, they conceived pretty much instantly and I was heart broken. Happy for them, but sad for myself.

So, In May of 2004, Joe and Rachel Hofer were out here from Montana and we had our usual prayer meeting that we always have when they are out. They would take turns praying for couples and when it was our turn I stood quietly and let them pray. When they finished, almost as an after thought I asked them to pray for my ovaries. I remember Joe put his hand there and they started to pray. I felt a lot of heat from his hand as he prayed. When he was done, he said he could see that there was going to be a baby at that time the following year.

For some reason, my husband and I never doubted for one second that it was true. On the way home from prayer meeting we made plans as to which room in our house would be the baby room. When we got home we went right to work, so to speak. For the entire week after prayer meeting I had pain and cramps in my abdomen. I told Rob that God must be healing me, because I had never had that kind of weird pain there.

About 3 weeks later, I noticed subtle changes in my body. Things were sore and I was craving milkshakes for some reason, and my husband will tell you, I hate milkshakes. While I was at work I decided to take a home pregnancy test after work and went to buy one. I was very used to seeing a negative was always feeling nervous, but that day I was an excited nervous.

As soon as I got home I went to the bathroom and took the test. Now, usually when I took a test I would wait and wait for the second blue line which tells you that you are pregnant to show up. It should appear within the first 3 minutes but I would check every hour, sometimes even fish it out of the garbage, just in case I missed it. So I did not test and lay it down on the edge of the tub and watch the fluid move up the stick. Usually it sakes about a minute for it to finish, but this time it took about 12 seconds before I saw the first blue line, and after that it usually takes a while for the second to appear. Well, to my shock, a second blue line appeared almost instantly. And from what I had read, the second blue lie is usually very faint, well mine was darker than the first. A very positive, positive. I was so overwhelmed I immediately burst into tears. I almost fell over. I jumped up and ran for the phone crying. I didn't know if I should call the doctor or my husband. I called my husband. He asked me about 5 times if I was sure. The next three days I took 3 more tests of different brands just to make sure. Than at the doctor that Friday, I took one more. I guess a little unbelief managed to seep in there somehow. But, I was definitely pregnant.

So the doctor did his calculations and told me I was weeks pregnant. I did the math in my head, not according to my body, but according to the prayer meeting and told him I thought I was about 4 weeks along. He wanted to know why I thought that, so I told him. I thought he would think I'm weird, but he didn't. He thought it was great and told me we would know for sure at my 19 week ultra sound. I didn't know how on earth I was going to wait that long. My due date according to the doctor's calculations was February 20th, but according to mine it was more like March 7th. If I was correct, at my 19 week ultra sound I would only actually be 17 weeks. So I waited, very impatiently and finally the week arrived. As I lay on the table, the technician was quiet for awhile as he looked at the screen. Then he told me I would have to come back and do another ultra sound at a later date. I asked him why. He said, "we can't see anything very good yet, according to this you are only about 17 weeks pregnant". Madelyne was born March 11, 2005. She was 4 days overdue. At the one year anniversary of the prayer meeting, she was almost 3 months old!

I had my miracle, and I thank God every day for her!