Re-Thank Our Thanksgiving

It's time again to shop for the big bird. We pour over paper ads looking for the largest and yet tender turkey our money can buy. Questions like, "How long should I cook it" and "How should we stuff it," fill the grocery aisles. The bird is plucked, hollowed out, stuffed, buttered, squeezed into a metal dish, placed in a hot oven, cooked, watched, basted, carved and served. Family and friends gather around and describe their favorite color of meat. And there is always someone who swears that the gizzard is an editable entrée. If those turkeys only knew. But is Thanksgiving really about the turkey or the rest of the meal that colors our plates? Do people really know why we celebrate thanksgiving?

Folks point to the wonderful time shared around the table with friends and family. But as soon as the food is consumed they slip into a chair. Sports and television drown out the rest of the day. And here is the clincher. The same thankful group wakes up at 4 AM the next day and runs off to the local mall to buy more stuff. It's almost funny. Thanksgiving is all about stuffing ourselves. We stuff our bodies with food and then we stuff our homes with holiday shopping.  Where is the Giving of Thanks?

Now I'm not criticizing a good sale. I'm thrifty too. But Thanksgiving means more to me then the tradition I've described. This holiday I choose to remember our religious freedom and our freedom of speech. I choose to pray for our young men and women who continue to fight for our freedoms. I choose to remember those who have shed their blood to protect our homes and our free country. I celebrate these protectors of our homeland.  Thank God for the sacrifices of these brave soldiers and their parents.

Above all, I thank our God who raises the dead. He took a risk when he put his son into this world. Think about it. Jesus was tempted because he could be tempted. God could have lost his son to a world of sin. But Christ Jesus allowed himself to be broken for us. He laid down his life for all mankind. He won the greatest victory over satan, over death and over hell. He was hopeless so we could have hope. He was sick so that we could be healed. He was punished so that we could be set free. This Thanksgiving, put your thanks where it belongs. Consider all that has been done for you and your family. Remember where you were and remember how far God has brought you.

Or maybe you are still in hopelessness? It's not too late! God risked his son for you because he loves you. Turn your life over to the God who raises the dead. Choose to accept the gift of eternal life. It's easy. Pray this with me today.

Lord Jesus, I need help. I know that what I do is not right. I'm tired of carrying this load alone. Jesus forgive me for my sin. Wash me with the blood you shed for me on the cross. Come into my heart and be the Lord of my life. Show me how to live life like the example you gave us. Renew my mind with your words. Amen

I am so thankful that Jesus freed me from the powers of darkness.

He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love, in whom we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins.   Colossians 1:13-14