High Seat of Honor

Today in church we had such a beautiful worship and communion service. I was so lost in praising Jesus that I was unaware of anyone in the room. The fellow behind me whispered, Dottie! Dottie! I opened my eyes saw that the whole congregation was seated except for me and a friend in the seat behind. Robert is a true friend. He wouldn't sit down until I was seated.  

My praise went something like this, Jesus you are so awesome. I love you so very much. You are wonderful. I need you in my life day and night.  I invite you to come and be with me. I praise your holy name. Your name is holy. 

I continued, Jesus, when I take your blood and body today in communion I realize that you shed your blood for my sins for my inequities. You suffered my pain. You took my punishment. You took my transgressions. Jesus you were chastised for me. You were bruised for me. You laid down your life on the cross just for me. Thank You Jesus for doing that. Jesus I love you so very much. I give you the High Seat of Honor. Oh Jesus I give you the High Seat of Honor! I give you all my praise. 

At this time I opened my eyes and looked around me. I remember thinking, where would I seat Jesus if he came into this room? I frantically looked around for the best seat in the house. There are no chairs on the stage and that's where I would want to seat him in a big gold royal blue plush chair. Then I looked around me. If not on the stage then where? 

I said, OK, MY sweet Jesus, than I will sit you here right in front of me.  

Then Jesus spoke up and he said to me, "The High seat of honor is right here." He point right to my heart. He said, "When you accepted me as your personal Lord and Savior, you invited me in." 

Folks, I looked around the room and I said, "So each person here today that knows you as their Lord and savior has made a royal High Seat of Honor in their heart for you."  Tears washed makeup down my face.  I wept and wept. It was such a neat experience.  

We read something about the High Seat of Honor in Jeremiah 52. In this story it tells of a King who did evil in Gods sight and was taken into captivity. He was in Jail for 37 years. Then one day the king released him and give him the high seat of honor with all the other kings.  

Now it came to pass in the thirty-seventh year of the captivity of Jehoiachin king of Judah, in the twelfth month, on the twenty-fifth day of the month, that Evil-Merodach king of Babylon, in the first year of his reign, lifted up the head of Jehoiachin king of Judah and brought him out of prison. And he spoke kindly to him and gave him a more prominent seat than those of the kings who were with him in Babylon. So Jehoiachin changed from his prison garments, and he ate bread regularly before the king all the days of his life. And as for his provisions, there was a regular ration given him by the king of Babylon, a portion for each day until the day of his death, all the days of his life.  Jeremiah 52: 31-34

 That's what I was before I knew Jesus. I was an unsaved evil person. But then one day I accepted Jesus as My Lord and Savior. Jesus came into my heart. Today in church I realized that I gave Jesus the High Seat of Honor in my heart. He resides there until he comes and takes us home. He tells me that he is setting up a table in heaven for his bride. That's us folks!

Surely He has borne our griefs And carried our sorrows; Yet we esteemed Him stricken, Smitten by God, and afflicted. But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed. All we like sheep have gone astray; We have turned, every one, to his own way; And the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.  Isaiah 53:4-6

My Dear Friends would you like to Give Jesus the Royal place of Honor today. It's so simple. All you need to do is except him as Lord and Savior of you heart, life and soul.  

Simply pray this Prayer: Jesus, I believe in my heart that you are the son of God. I believe you died for my sins on the cross. The blood of Jesus washed my sins away. I believe that God raised you from the dead. Come into my heart, forgive my sins. Be my Savior and Lord. I receive you into my heart.  Thank you Jesus for saving me!