God has a Plan for You

I attended a Full Gospel Business meeting in Roundup Montana years ago. My Dad was invited to speak. He shared his testimony about how God healed his heart and how God gave him a brand-new heart in 1989. One day soon I will write about his testimony and share it on this blog.  Today I want to share a testimony that I heard at this meeting in Roundup.

After the meeting, there was a pot luck dinner down in the basement of the Roundup Assemble of God church. I stood in line with a plate. I looked behind me and saw a man with two cute, cheerful, young boys. The line was long so I introduced myself and we started to visit.   

The man said, “You know your Dad, Joe Hofer, is responsible for these two boys. He is responsible for bringing these two boys into the world.”

I responded with surprise at what this fellow said. “Excuse me, what are you saying?”

He said, “My wife and I could not get pregnant for years. My wife had female problems. We visited every doctor you can imagine. Each doctor told us to go ahead and adopt because we would never have children of our own. Six years ago, your Dad and Mom prayed for us at one of these meetings. They asked God to heal my wife’s internal reproductive organs. I remember my wife moaning and groaning when they prayed for her. Jesus must have been doing some surgery on her reproductive organs. We went home that night and guess what?”

The man had a sly grin on his face as he patted his oldest 6-year-old boy on the head. He said, “Nine months to the date we had him. Then we wanted another child and we had a hard time getting pregnant again. Well, we figured it worked the first time so let’s go to another meeting.” Again, he smiled and patted his second son on the head. “We have a third son at home too. He is a couple months old now.”

His grin widened as he continued, “When I heard that your Dad was speaking again, I decided to come and introduce my boys to your Mom and Dad.”  

Just then my Dad walked up to me in line. I just had to play this one out. I said to him, “Dad, what is this I hear? This man came here today to tell me that you are responsible for these two boys, do tell.

My Dad, Joe Hofer, does not have a sense of humor. He looked at those two boys, then he looked at the man and he said emphatically, “OH NO, I Did Not! I don’t know what you are talking about.” He put both his hands palm face up and said, “Oh no I did not!” He started to back away.

The man with the boys came to dad’s rescue, seeing that I was teasing him. He said, “No, No, Joe. You and Rachel prayed for my wife and me. We are the couple who could not get pregnant. You and Rachel prayed and here are the two results of your prayers. I wanted to bring them today and show you the results of your prayers.”

Dad looked at those two boys with a grin and said, “That is good then, yes, that is good.” My dad is not big on small talk. He smiled at the boys, he took food on his plate, and sat down to eat. I chuckled with the man and his boys after seeing my Dad’s reaction. I still tease Dad with this story. You know, those boys are 20 something today.

Over the years, Mom and Dad prayed for many couples who were trying to have a baby; that have found themselves in this same situation. God has come through every time.

Nick and I had a hard time getting pregnant too. I had female issues slowing the process too. I remember going to the doctor. He said, “I can put you on fertility pills. You’ve been trying for two years. You might need some help.”

Later that day I remember standing on the balcony of our apartment. I found myself asking, “Lord, you must know something I don’t know. I’m not sure I want to take fertility medicine. What should I do?”

That evening I brought up the subject with Nick, “You know how you always joke that your quiver is not full and how we would have lots of kids one day?”

Nick nodded and said, “Yes.”

I started crying and said, “I think you married the wrong girl. I can’t get pregnant.”

My sweet husband came over to me on the sofa and said, “No Sweetheart, I married the perfect girl and you are going to have our babies.”

Then he told me of a dream he had while in the army. In his dream, he saw a blond boy standing in front of a tent. The boy was a toddler with blond hair. He couldn’t see his wife, but he could clearly see the little boy, the tent behind him, and the woods surrounding. He said, “I believe God gave me that dream so I would have hope for a family in my future. We are going to have a boy together.”

We were both 28.5 years old at that time. I took that dream to heart and I said, “Oh God I trust you with my womb. I trust you to fix whatever is the problem is. I trust you to heal me.”

You know, God did heal me. I was 29 and 3 months when I became pregnant. I didn’t take fertility pills. (I’m not saying there is anything wrong with fertility pills. There is no condemnation for those who walk in Christ Jesus). I was a part of a dream that my husband had many years earlier. What a wonderful thing it is to be included in a dream like this. I just focused on that dream. I remembered thinking, “If God gave him this dream, then he gave the dream to me. We are one in marriage.” On January 1st, the next year, 1994, we welcomed our first-born son Nathaniel into our hearts and arms. He has been such a blessing to both Nick and me.

One year later we went on a vacation over to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. We stayed in one of the campgrounds on the coast. That evening Nick was setting up camp. Nathaniel was bouncing around trying to be helpful. After the tent was up Nick stepped back to take a look at his work. It really hit home when he saw the picture in his dream appear in the flesh in front of him. A little blond headed boy standing and looking at him. Behind him a green Erika Tent and the forest in the background. God honored the promise He gave Nick in a dream in Germany 9 years earlier. We have a picture that reminds me of this victory. Nathaniel is sitting on Nick’s shoulders. Both are looking out to the ocean. I cherish this picture.

Do you find yourself in this situation today? Maybe you’ve been waiting for a baby for years. I’m want to encourage you, there is hope.  Don’t despair. Give God the opportunity to do a miracle in your life. He Loves you, He made you, and He has big dreams for you. God has high hopes for you today.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11