Glory Cloud

I would like to share a testimony from when Joe and I did Park Ministry in Lethbridge, Alberta.

In one of those meetings the Cowboys for Christ had finished singing. Joe stepped up to the pulpit to preach. There were a whole lot of Hutterites and non-Hutterites In the Park this day. Some of the preachers from the colonies did not want their young people to listen to what Joe Hofer had to say. They didn’t want Joe to tell them about Jesus.  

On this particular Thursday, a Glory Cloud came down from Heaven. As People walked into the park they were overwhelmed by this Glory Cloud from Heaven. They were physically not able to move.

I saw a Van pull up with three men inside. One man stepped out. He waved to their young people in the park telling them to come to the Van. But the young folks in the park were glued to the grass. They could not move!

Eventually the Man from the Van walked over to the park, determined to take these young folks by the hand and lead them to the van. Boy, was he surprised as he stepped into the park, under the glory cloud. He found himself unable to move. One by one, the remaining men from the van stepped into the park, under the glory cloud. All three men were stuck in the park.

Joe finished his message to his captive audience. He asked, “Would anyone here today like to go to heaven? Pray this prayer with me today. Ask Jesus to be the Lord of your life.”

Suddenly all these Hutterite men removed their black hats. They bowed their heads and prayed the prayer of salvation.  

Just about everyone in the park that day, both Hutterites and non-Hutterites, prayed the prayer of salvation that day. Isn’t our God something else.