Catsup Bottle

Another Mother's day means another grade school special project that my son or daughter worked on secretly for two months.   I've volunteered every year in my kid's classroom. I think it's good to go in and get to know the teachers and students. It's funny how the teachers and the students try to hide the mother's day project from us volunteers every year. Carefully the teacher says, "Mrs. Schueler, we are working on something special today. You really didn't need to come in today." I snicker and try to peak through the door crack. The teacher just frowns.

This year I was blessed with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a glass jar. The glass jar is adorned with my daughters hand painted flowers. That's all it takes to melt a mothers heart. Then she handed me a homemade card with a pencil drawing of a horse on the cover. She loves drawing horses these days.

I looked a little closer at the glass bottle a few days later and I realized that it was a small catsup bottle. It was one of those small runt Hunts catsup bottles you see in the convenience markets. The teacher recycled an old smelly catsup bottle. But Heidi's love and imagination made that piece of trash a beautiful gift worth keeping.

You know, we used to be old smelly catsup bottles. All of us have had our catsup bottle moments; a time when we were destined for the trash. But our heavenly Father saw something else. He sent His Son to purchase us. You might say He recycled us. The day we believed in Jesus and called Him our Savior is the day we became decorative flower pots destined to adorn the tables of heaven.  Look at what the Bible says about us.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.   2 Corinthians 5:17 (NKJV)

That's right, that old smelly something that you used to be is gone. You and I are a New Creation. It's time to start living like a New Creation and talking like a New Creation. A New Creation doesn't dwell on the old catsup bottle labels of the past. A new creation wakes up every morning and says, "I am a New Creation in Christ Jesus". Your bouquet is beautiful, your ornaments are beautiful. Jesus likes you so much that He decided to take up residence within you.